We have recently completed manufacturing and erection of the structural steel roof elements.


We have recently fabricated and erected the steel framework, roofs, entrance canopy and facades of Metrogarden Shopping Mall in for SURYAPI in Istanbul, Turkey.


Sustainable & Ecological
Steel is one of the most sustainable building materials with unique characteristics that favour its use in the construction industry.

Steel is 100 percent recyclable.

Steel does not contribute to the growth of landfills.

Steel framed structures stay straight and true and do not expand and contract with humidity and temperature changes.

This means that door and windows openings framed with steel remain stable and this saves on energy costs.
Durable & Longlasting
The strength to weight ratio of steel is the highest of any structural building material and it can be easily formed and joined.

Because steel is strong and lightweight,it is beneficial for builders to work with and can be engineered to better withstand hurricanes and earthquakes.

Steel is unique in that it is dimensionally stable. Unlike other materials that shrink expand, warp and twist with age to cause settlement cracks or floor squeaks that require builders to make costly repairs.
Steel is the only material that allows the strength of a structure to be increased economically once it is built.This is critical when a tenant would like to increase floor loads by adding such things as file storage, computer systems, mechanical units or hospital diagnostic equipment.Non-composite steel beams can be made composite with the existing floor slab or cover plates may be added to the beams for increased strength. Additional steel may also be bolted or welded to the existing steel framework. Beams and girders can be easily reinforced, supplemented with additional framing or even relocated to support changed loads.
SRI & Steel Framing Alliance AISI - American Iron & Steel Institute
The speed and accuracy of construction is critical to the sustainable building materials creation of building and stakeholder value.

Fast construction also lowers financing costs and overhead expenses for construction management services.

Because structural steel is lighter than other framing materials, it needs a smaller and simpler foundation.

This reduces both cost and the time spent on construction.
Earthquakes are unpredictable in terms of magnitude, frequency, duration, and location.

Consequently, the ideal structure to withstand earthquake forces will behave in a consistent and predictable non brittle manner.

Light gauge steel framing is capable of meeting this standard due to its ductility and the strict process used to manufacture steel studs, the inherent properties of steel, and typical construction methods used in steel framing.
Space Optimization
Steel's high strength-to-weight ratio enables it to span large distances gracefully and economically - more so than any other building material.

In single storey buildings rolled beams can provide clear spans of over 50 metres, while using trussed or lattice construction can stretch this to more than 150 metres.

The long spanning capability of steel also enables the creation of large areas of unobstructed space in multi-storey buildings.